Boost Growth and Efficiency: Why Your Company Needs a CFO

I’m Mr. Biz®️, aka Ken Wentworth from Mr. Biz Solutions.

I’m glad to see your company is surviving these challenging economic times. Yet, have you considered how a part-time CFO can unlock even greater potential? You get the advantage of many years of proven experience for only a fraction of the cost.

Sure, controllers and tax accountants handle the daily grind, but a CFO provides a strategic roadmap to a successful future. We become a key player in driving growth and helping you avoid pitfalls.

Here are a few recent examples of companies like yours that we have helped achieve amazing results:
– Net income up by a whopping 389% (28-year old business)
– Revenue up 64% (16-year old business)
– Free cash increased 1,007%: cash flow problems vanished (18-year old business)
– Book value of company almost tripled (31-year old business)

We can show you how our financial leadership expertise can make a difference.

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Believe & Achieve,
Ken Wentworth, aka Mr. Biz®️

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