Cost-Effective VPS Solutions: Perfect suitable for use in Complex Applications

Experience top-tier VPS performance, available from €3.90 per month, offer up to 5 Gbit/s connectivity and 50TB of monthly traffic. Ideal for high-demand applications and seamless connectivity.

Choose Your Plan:
Entry: 1x AMD Ryzen vCore, 4GB RAM, 120GB NVMe Disk space – €3.90/month
Standard: 2x AMD Ryzen vCore, 8GB RAM, 240GB NVMe Disk space – €7.90/month
Advanced: 3x AMD Ryzen vCore, 12GB RAM, 320GB NVMe Disk space – €11.90/month
Pro: 6x AMD Ryzen vCore, 12GB RAM, 640GB NVMe Disk space – €16.90/month

5 Gbit/s Connectivity
50TB Traffic included per month
KVM / ISO mount
Linux/Windows/BSD OS ready
UI-based upgrades and downgrades
5 snapshots and 1 backup slot included

Boost your network’s capabilities now:

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